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About Our Noseless Bicycle Seats

  • The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT allows male and female riders to ride safely and comfortably with no pressure on the perineum, genitalia, tailbone and prostate!
  • SPONGY WONDER INC. is a member of The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses and located in New Brunswick, Canada. We have been making cyclists happy since 1999.
  • All Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle components (except the cushions which are made in the US of A.) are made locally. We create jobs where we are located.
  • Privacy: Spongy Wonder Inc takes all necessary steps to ensure that customer information is protected from loss or misuse and remains private. We do not offer any information about individual customers and visitors to a third party. The only exception is to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and credit card issuers for the purpose of fraud prevention. Permission for the testimonials was gladly given by our happy SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT riders.
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  • Return policy: If you live in Canada or The USA you may return your SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT within 50 days from the date your seat was mailed (80 days if you live outside Canada or the USA) and we will refund the total purchase price (less shipping charges).If you live outside of Canada you must write: “Canadian Goods Being Returned” several places on the box. We do not accept returns through courier companies such as Fed/Ex, Purolator, DHL and/or UPS. You must send back by a regular postal system.Please send a copy of your receipt with your return so we may more easily credit you. Our address is:

    2 Woodside Drive
    Riverview, New Brunswick
    E1B 4G9
  • Seat posts are separate components from Bike saddles and are not part of your Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle purchase.
  • Want to talk to a real person? Call toll free in Canada 1-877-977-7328; or 1-506-387-8092 (if you are outside Canada and the US of A) and speak to the inventor! Or e-mail.
  • Not fussy about ordering online? Yes we can take your order over the phone.
  • Spongy Wonder inc. is proud to introduce our sister company: Dragonfly Footballs Ltd - the owner and producer of The World's Only Classically beautiful Football!
  • I am excited to have available "Unconventional Means" by Matt Jensen. This little book is a clear and precise presentation of simple negotiation techniques in everyday language - that have saved Nancy and I approx. $1800.00 in the past year alone - and it just keeps giving! If you like to save money in small and medium chunks, I guarantee that at $7.50 CAD (approx.. $5.67 USD) this will be, along with your SW seat, "some of the best money" you’ve ever spent! Call me at 1-877-977-7328 to add it to your SW order.
  • Please note when ordering that customs may apply. There are NO customs and/or duties on seats going to the US of A. In terms of orders going to parts other than the USA, the vast majority "sail through" without being flagged for customs duties - but not all for whatever reason. We have no control over whether or not your package will be flagged for customs, and customs are the responsibility of the purchaser as they have always been from the very beginnings of international commerce.
Even more happy thoughts from SW Bicycle Seat Riders

Seeing injuries from bicycle seats fairly often in my internal medicine practice, I was happy to discover the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I immediately bought one for my own bicycle, and was quite gratified to see how comfortable it was, while still able to maintain good control of my bike. I've had mine for a year now, and have yet to put on the replacement cushions! If you're a rider, old or young, male or female, you need one of these bicycle seats.

Dr. Philip Alexander, MD
College Station TX

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is great and the best of the noseless, perineal sparing Bicycle seats that I've tried. I'm going to the site to order another one for my other upright bike.

Seth Manoach MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
CPR Committee/Rapid Response Program
Brooklyn, NY

I lecture nationally on patients with pain and want to show a picture of your bicycle seat in my lectures. Please give me permission.

Hope K. Haefner, M.D.
Director, The University of Michigan Center for Vulvar Diseases
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in  underwater testing

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in underwater testing

Spongy Wonder Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's only modular hornless bike seats. These two ergonomically and anatomically correct noseless bike seats eliminate the urological and neurological damage caused by conventional and "modified" conventional bike seats and are "fully customizable" and adjustable.