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Testimonials and Feedback

Just bought my second bike seat from you. I have ridden in the Pan Mass Challenge with your seat for the last three years. It has literally saved my backside. I won't ride a bike without it. It is a great seat.

Thanks for making them.

Robert D.
Amesbury, MA

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to let you know that the work you are doing is revolutionary. Your product has really changed everything for my ride - I can now go miles without having to briefly stop to remedy numbness. People are always interested in your bike seat whenever I'm out in public & I always stop to take the time to tell them about the great work you're doing. You've gained a lifetime customer & supporter.

Irwin S.

Hi Jeff

Already have one of your seats, the discontinued double rod version, they are great! Better than great.

With a coccyx condition I never thought I would ride again, talk about a PITA.

Love your work mate.

Would not (be able to) ride with anything else.

All the best.

Peter Eedy

Hi Jeff,

My wife and I visit Key West frequently and always rent bicycles. Unfortunately, the seats tend to be quite uncomfortable and visiting earlier this year she had pain in the groin area after riding for several weeks. Upon returning to Minnesota she needed to visit a medical specialist.

Prior to our recent November trip I ordered 2 Spongy Wonder bike seats to take on our trip, along with packages of all the possible mounting bolts. We rented Specialized bikes in Key West and they graciously mounted the Spongy Wonders for us.

My wife complained about her new seat at first. But after several hours of riding and adjusting she was a happy camper…no pressure in the groin area. The seat will be installed on her Specialized cruiser in Minnesota this spring now that she is a “believer”. My Cannondale Hybrid in Minnesota has had a Spongy Wonder on it for about 3 years. My wife is age 65 and I will be 70.

Note: We were stopped by the TSA going through security at the airport because I had the seats in my carry-on luggage in the shipping box with the bolts and my metric allen wrenches. But, in anticipation of the TSA, I did put a Spongy Wonder brochure in the box, so we were only held up for 2-3 minutes.

S. Joos

Dear Jeff,

I have just noticed a few cycling type " blogs" from late last year on which you have been drawn into almost having to defend your product. This is just not right and as the owner of three of your S.W seats let me set the record straight.

Years of road racing gave me pudendal nerve damage and I could not ride any of my bikes.

Considerable research led me to your noseless bike seat, and after buying one unit and testing it I bought another two for my other bikes.

The S.W seat needs a little getting used to and correct adjustment is important but once this is done there is no going back. Since early 2014 I have the following log:

* many hours of training for two very tough mtb races-rides where I performed with distinction.

* several thousand kilometers training for a very tough 160 k road race where I also was very happy with my result.

A long build up over our summer culminating in an arduous 615k tour in 5 days of the top of the South Island here in NZ.

In fact I have just gone through the 10,000k mark now on my SW noseless bike seats and all that after being told in 2013 that I would never ride again. I am obviously very delighted with this turn around.

It has literally transformed my life.

All the best,

J. M.
Auckland New Zealand

I purchased a Spongy Wonder Bike Seat earlier this summer. I fell onto a concrete loading dock (33 years ago) and that eventually caused arthritis in my right hip.‎ While cycling in Arizona around 2010, I did some damage to my groin caused by the seat I was using. That was the end of my cycling days until earlier this summer when I hopped back onto my bike with the new seat, after a long hiatus during which time there were days I could barely walk. Now I can report that after riding my trail bike, for the past 6 weeks or so, my hip and groin area have strengthen considerably and there is very little pain. I can walk, hike and bike now, something I thought I would never do again and I am 67.‎ Thank you very much for the Spongy Wonder.

Bob K.

Hi Jeff, just a word of "Thanks!" ! received my Spongy Wonder hornless saddle a few weeks ago & after a little bit of up, down, backwards & forwards adjustment, with a slight inward adjust on each pad, I have a fantastic comfortable perch to place my once tender backside. I now do about 25 miles in absolute bliss, I can't thank you enough, a brilliant piece of kit.

Sincerely Gary Pinchard.

Mr. Dixon,

I’ve now had my Spongy Wonder seat for a month plus and am one happy rider! Mochas Gracias!!!! Cheers,
Rick T

Hello Spongy Wonderers, I am writing about your product and your website. I was introduced to the spongy wonder seat ( w/ dbl stacked rails) by a friend. After having gone through many travails with different bicycle seats. I had given up riding bicycles altogether. My friend suggested I try the Spongy Wonder hornless seat. It looked so "unconventional" that I was very reluctant to try it. After much prodding I gave it a try. I must say that the Spongy Wonder seat has given me a new riding life. I cannot stress it enough. Without this hornless bike seat I simply cannot ride without severe..."numbness". I would like to say thank you for making this product.

I would like to know if you have explored some lighter iterations of your design: similar form w/ light hard shell pads compatible with the super light road bikes? Also, a product this great should be "designed" in a Raymond Loewy, Dieter Rams, kind of way. Cool, streamlined (and expensive) bicycles look even cooler with a properly proportioned, streamlined seat. Had my friend not persisted I would have missed out on a great product simply because I did not like the way that it looked.

Secondly, the Spongy Wonder seat w/ double rails requires a longer seat bolt in order to mount. Though you mention it on your website, could you provide a link to find longer socket cap screws or sell them with this seat? Also because my new road bike (Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2) has an unconventional seat fastening mechanism, the double rail seat will not fit. I just purchased a single rail seat which should remedy the problem. MINE: Hi Richard! The new MK10s replace the MK9s with 1 rail. 40% lighter and just as strong with easy installation!

Kind regards,
Richard Wright

Mr. Dixon,

I could not be happier with my new bicycle seats !!!!!!! It was an immediate and complete success. The seats are totally comfortable and it only took one 10 mile ride and I was completely sold on the Spongy Wonder. Your bicycle seats are total bliss: comfortable and pain free. Thank you for sharing your invention with all of us! Also, thank you for sending me some business cards. I am spreading the word BIG TIME! Because of your Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat I will now double or triple my mileage in 2015. Regards,

Mike R. Stuarts Draft

Dear Jeff,

I was on disability for 10 weeks this summer for a bleeding prostate, but after riding for 40+ years I couldn't give up. With the MK8A I have had no further problems. The first seat went on my road bike. The new one will go on my stationary trainer for the winter. Thanks

G. Moran

Hello Jeff,

I got the seat yesterday and tested it today doing 15 km in my daily commute. I have to say that is absolutely amazing! It should be forbidden to sell standard seats anymore! Thanks for the great service!

Carlos Cuevas

Seeing injuries from bicycle seats fairly often in my internal medicine practice, I was happy to discover the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I immediately bought one for my own bicycle, and was quite gratified to see how comfortable it was, while still able to maintain good control of my bike. I’ve had mine for a year now, and have yet to put on the replacement cushions! If you’re a rider, old or young, male or female, you need one of these bicycle seats.

Dr. Philip Alexander, MD
College Station TX

Hey Jeff,

Enjoying my new Spongy Wonder bike seat - BIG TIME! Admittedly, it took 5 or 6 rides to find that optimal combination of seat height, seat width, seat angle, and handlebar height. But once I found that "sweet spot".....YOWZA! My wife gets up in the morning and I'm already GONE, sometimes for hours. Love this bike seats. I like to call it "Perineum Freedom". I'm scheduled to meet with my urologist next month and I'm going to give him one of those business cards you gave me.....more than one if he wants. Thanks to my new saddle I'm now able to continue doing one of my favourite pastimes. AWESOME! Thank you Jeff.

And best regards,

Joseph LeBlanc

I've been riding on my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat for years now and could not imagine going back to a conventional bike seat. I was experiencing numbness in some of my favorite areas and that simply won't do. Numbness gone, and never to return.

K. H.
Seattle, Washington

Hi Jeff Just received the newest spongy wonder bike seat today. I've been a customer for over 10 years and you continue to make the product better and better, which I didn't think was possible. Thank you for making such a great high quality bicycle seat that allows me to bike with no discomfort.

Best wishes and continued success.

K. M.
Huntsville Alabama

Hello Jeff,

Stevko from Ohio USA, Sending Greetings and Salutations. I was talking to a couple of cyclists in Southwest Ohio while doing a 50 mile ride here Feb 15, 2013. They had commented on my MK9 SW bike seat, and how unsafe it was. They had read articles on a forum from one of the cycling sites.

I thought they were joking at first, and I kinda went along with it. It was soon apparent to me that they had actually never ridden a bike with a nose-less bicycle seat of any type. I explained a bit of my past road bike cycling history, of 30 years or more, and 15 of the later years recreation/touring 4K-5K miles each year. Also, I mentioned my aggravated prostate condition that had become worse over the past 12 years, and my doctor's orders that I discontinue bicycling forever.

I had found the forum and it was closed out 9/11. So there was no chance for me to support your product, or your integrity, as we had spoke for some time on the phone when I placed my order for 2 seats. Subsequently my neighbor, who had been tugging at his shorts and complaining of discomfort after only 30 miles on most rides, also purchased one.

I must admit, as you stated, it took a little to get used to. After a few adjustments to height, fore/aft positioning. and finally tilt. I had them dialed in and my neighbors seat also in 3 short rides of 20 miles. After the initial setup, I began a series of 50 -60 mile rides each day, during late March till mid May. I experienced no hot spots, chaffing, or discomfort from the seat. I have not had a problem cornering, climbing, or finding the seat after standing.

S. V., Southwest Ohio, USA
A Citizen who advocates bicycling for Transportation and Recreation

I can honestly say that before my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat, I was having a lot of pain and discomfort during and after my rides. The kind of pain a guy doesn’t want to have. So after trying a host of different traditional bicycle seats with none of them working, I eventually had to stop riding. Then I tried my friend’s Spongy Wonder bicycle seat. I got one and it changed my entire outlook on biking. Rather than looking at a ride as an uncomfortable experience, I wanted to ride more and enjoyed it even more. After I bought my first SW bike seat I parked my car and decided to ride to work every day. Thank you Spongy Wonder for changing my life.

And I really mean it! There is no way I would ride a bike without a Spongy Wonder bike seat.

Many Thanks,

L. B.
San Francisco

Due to an injury to my tailbone and the pressure created my traditional bike seats I was unable to ride my mountain bike or road bike. I tried several different types of bike seats, even an ultra wide soft leather bike seat, but not one was comfortable enough. My husband surprised me with the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat this past Spring and since I have been able to ride my bike every day with absolutely no pressure on my tailbone at all. The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is very comfortable and I can ride my bike for hours once again. My tailbone has since healed and I can ride with a traditional bike seat but I prefer the comfortable ride on the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat. I highly recommend the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat to the serious or casual cyclist.


M. Jane Collins

When I first started riding bikes I took what was ‘offered.’ The tires, pedals and the bicycle seat. As I progressed, I realized the bicycle seat could not keep up with me. I searched high and low for a comfortable alternative and came across the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I ride for hours and never have that uncomfortable feeling I had with my old bicycle seat. I have three bicycles and a Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat for each. This is the best bicycle seat I have ever used and I will never go back to what is ‘offered.’


G. P.


I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I have been using the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat now for 7 months riding my LG stationary bike for 1 – 1 1/4 hours per day. The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is wonderful.

D. Yielding


I am happy to recommend your bicycle seat – here is my testimonial:

I have been riding for about 30 years and like many I experienced problems and discomfort in the pelvic area after rides of only a few miles. After doing some research and reading the reports/suggestions of several doctors/Urologists I determined the bike seat was the problem. I tried several types of split bike seats but they were all compromises – not designed with rider health at the forefront. They didn’t solve the problem!

I ran across the Spongy Wonder bike seat online and decided to give it a try. I have been using the Spongy Wonder bike seat for five years now. It took a few weeks to get used to it but the results were well worth it. It is the ONLY bike seat I have found that puts no pressure on critical areas and I now ride almost every day with ZERO problems. This is especially important now that gas is so expensive.

I will never go back to a conventional bike seat. Thanks Spongy Wonder for this great product!

P. A.,
Santa Monica CA


I bought a Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat and liked it so much I bought one for my wife. I can now ride as far as my legs will take me. I and my butt thank you.

P. H.


I lecture nationally on patients with pain and want to show a picture of your bicycle seat in my lectures. Please give me permission.

Hope K. Haefner, M.D.
The University of Michigan Center for Vulvar Diseases
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology

I’ve been riding the spongy wonder bicycle seat for a couple of years now and make it a point to try and convince everyone I know to get one. It was so comfortable – even from the first ride. I’ve tried to sit on a “normal” seat and there is definitely nothing normal about them!: excruciating even for a short ride.

The owner of a local bike shop told me that he had tried several of the alternative seat designs but found them to not provide enough stability on steep descents. I proudly told him that has never been an issue. I find the seat to be just spongy enough to allow me to “clench” it while going down steep hills. In fact, I just got a mountain bike and so ordered a second seat for that.

M. B.
Seattle, WA

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is great and the best of the noseless, perineal sparing Bicycle seats that I’ve tried. I’m going to the site to order another one for my other upright bike.

Seth Manoach MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Chair
CPR Committee/Rapid Response Program
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Jeffrey,

Thanks for the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat. In our first correspondence I mentioned a medical condition that prevented me from riding a bicycle. Recently I completed a bicycle trip of 1406 Km. in 15 days with the use of the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle! I did not have any problems in spite of the fact that each day I have remained on the saddle many hours (between 7 and 8 hours).

I traveled through some 10 provinces of Spain until arriving at Santiago of Compostela. A great many people who asked how the bicycle saddle performed and I gave them directions so that they be put in contact with you.

With Thanks,

Paschal V. G.

My name is John Thornton and I recently bought a Spongy Wonder from Jeff after reading Art’s wonderful column about it in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I made this admittedly goofy video as a tribute to the Spongy Wonder. I hope you enjoy this and I am TRULY GRATEFUL to you both. Thanks!

John Thornton

Early last summer, I started to experience a lot of pain in the perineum and my urologist told me to quit riding. Since that would have made me the most miserable 55 year old in the world I started looking for alternatives and purchased the Spongy Wonder bike seat in July 2007. I am very happy to report that I am back riding my normal distance of 20 to 30 miles per day on non-paved rail trails pain free.

R. B.
Christiansburg, VA

I could not be riding if it were not for the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat!

About three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Pudendal Neuralgia or Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (PNE). Doctors surmise the condition was caused by spending a lot of time on a conventional bike seat. I had been riding/racing bikes for about 15 years. PNE is also referred to as “cyclist’s syndrome”. The last couple of years I was using a “cut out bicycle seat”. This cut out seat actually made my condition worse.

I received three sessions of cortisone shots and a year and a half of internal/external physical therapy. I took two years off from cycling and have recently returned thanks to the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat. I have tried countless bicycle seats in the past and none of them allowed me to ride without pain. My riding is going so well now that I have returned to racing.

Thank you Spongy Wonder!

J. R.
Santa Rosa Ca.

Hey Jeff!

I have used my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat for about 2 years now and swear by it. So much so that after reading a Bicycling Magazines article on different bicycle seats I wrote them and told them about it. Enclosed is the letter I sent:

“After reading your article on saddles in the May issue and again in the July issue (Pampering your posterior) I could not believe that you did not mention “The Spongy Wonder bicycle seat” as an alternative for the biker who does not want his privates turning numb.

After spending enormous amounts of money on various ineffective bicycle saddles I came across the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle which looked weird but the science behind it seemed dead on. The inventor was a biker who came up with the design. It is the best investment I have made for my riding in a long time. I still commuted daily 30 miles round trip, but at one point - until I got this bicycle seat – I had stopped riding for three months because I was getting really impotent. I can truly say this bicycle seat has brought the enjoyment of riding again and I have no worries about the physical ramifications of riding in the wrong saddle.”

Thank you

K. T. Chesapeake, VA

I just want to thank you for your creation of the spongy wonder bicycle seat. I had not been able to ride a bike for 15 years due to vulvar pain. After trying your bicycle seat on a friend’s bike, I bought my own bike the next day. It is incredible. No pain! Just enjoyable biking. My first day I was able to ride it 5 miles. I feel that your bike seat has given me back something that pain had taken away for a long time. Thanks for the freedom, comfort and pure enjoyment!

Jen K. San Jose, CA

I am an avid roadie, and was riding about 150-200 miles a week, when I developed “saddle-induced prostatitis”. I fought it for a year, and tried 10 different saddles of every type and was one step away from quitting riding. My last step was the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat.

I had immediate relief. I have been able to ramp the mileage back up, and am riding 2 hours per day again with absolutely no problems. I’m surprised more urologists are not aware of this.

Greg L. Houston, Texas


Just a note: your Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat WORKS WONDERFULLY!!!!!! I It is the ONLY bicycle seat that has let me ride again with my damaged tailbone.

Thank You,

B. P. Fremont, CA

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know what I thought of your Spongy Wonder bicycle seat.

This is the bicycle seat that I had been looking for. I have tried high priced traditional bicycle seats but they don’t come close to the riding comfort that I get from the Spongy Wonder Seat. After a week of riding to get used to the feel of it I will never go back. Thanks for a great product!

S. Robertson

The following is a copy of a letter sent by a Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat Rider to the Mayo Clinic Health:

To Whom it May Concern,

I read with interest your June 2007 article on erectile dysfunction as being caused by bicycle seats. In that article you make the statement that an optimal seat design has yet to be determined.

I thought you would like to know about the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat I purchased about a year ago which totally addresses this problem.

I can testify to the fact that it completely eliminates all pressure for both male and female, as both my male friend and I go riding at least twice a week for around 20 miles at a time.

I felt compelled to write after reading your article because I did find a bicycle seat that works effectively.

L. C. Winter Springs, FL.

I have ridden with the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat now for several years and all the things you say are true. Why more people don’t catch on to this seat is something of a mystery, given the severe discomfort of conventional “saddles”. The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat has allowed me throw out my cycling shorts–with all their heat and bother. Wunderbar!

Thank you for a good idea!

S. G.

I have been riding for 25 years, and after long rides: 100 miles a day, I would have lasting pain/discomfort. I tried various standard bicycle seats including every “ergo” saddle I could find.

My experience of traditional bike seats made me concerned that I would have to stop cycling and that is when I ordered my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I have been riding it for 8 months now and I will never go back to any other bike seat!

Not only do I have absolutely no discomfort, but I can maintain pace and climbing ability with my cycling friends. The only compromise is that I had to raise the handlebars to suit the new riding positioning…

Otherwise, I am riding today long distances with comfort ONLY because of the SpongyWonder bicycle seat design.

Thanks for a wonderful product!!!

Sincerely Rob A. Los Gatos,CA

Jeff, I had the pleasure of riding your Spongy Wonder bicycle seat this weekend. Although I only spent five minutes spinning around the neighborhood, I can already tell that this will be the only seat I will ever need again!!! The craftsmanship is intense, and I am very pleased so far. I brought the bicycle seat in to my local tech shop and everyone there was more than impressed.

J. Koehn

PS – I love my saddle so much I’m thinking of buying a new bike to go with it!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say “Thanks.” The bike seat is wonderful.

Thanks again,

J. McBride


I ordered one of your bicycle seats about 2 years ago and it is clearly the way to go for bicycle seats. Your particular design is simple and robust and I have been riding with it back and forth from work (45 km both ways) all year long.

I am placing an order for 3 more Spongy Wonder bicycle seats for my tandem bicycle and for my son and friend.


My husband is a serious cyclist, while I have little cycling experience. To ride together we bought an independent coasting tandem and after a short season on a traditional bike seat I was in so much pain I could barely walk. We traded in the traditional bicycle seat for a spongy wonder and now our riding is limited only by my heart condition (getting better) and my leg strength.

I just ordered another spongy wonder bicycle seat.

Thanks again,

L. W. Nova Scotia, Canada

Jeff I want to thank you for the great bicycle seat. I do not understand why they are not available at every bike shop.


Craig Winnipeg,Manitoba

I’d ridden more than a thousand miles in the year before prostate surgery but was unable to ride without pain afterward. I bought a Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat and was riding like my old self after day one.

Thank you!

B. M. Vero Beach FL


Started using the Spongy Wonder MK9 bicycle seat early July, ’06 following prostate cancer surgery. Our preferred terrain is where mountain lions roam, deer are startled and boulders squeeze the trails.

Originally, it took about five hours of MK9 riding to get used to it, but now I’m committed to the spongy disks and will never ride a “wedge” seat/saddle again. This Christmas-eve my son-in-law let me test ride his new Turner rig, fitted with a traditional bicycle seat. In fifteen minutes those old feelings began to come back: pressure from below, tingling, and urges to squirt on a bush (which I did for old-times sake).

My only frustration is in getting other riders in my age group (50+) to get off the wedge and mount up on The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat.

Thank you! Steve S.

After riding for almost 20 years I am surprised that the damage inflicted upon the male body is kept secret. I stopped riding for 2 years after a visit to my urologist. After I showed him your bicycle seat he told me to try it and since then I am as good a rider as before.

My friends laughed at me at first. But as they started having problems they slowly reached out to me and asked where they could buy one of your bike seats.

Roberto C. Mexico

I just want you to know that your Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is all that you advertised it to be and all that I hoped it would be. I have had it for three years and very much appreciate the comfort it affords me.

Thank You.

C.P. Medford, OR

My experience with the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat has been fantastic!: stainless steel, easy to adjust and I have adapted to it very well. Most importantly my perineal zone is safe! I recommend it to everyone who likes to ride his bike.

Jose M. Spain


After about 55 years of being an avid bike rider, I contracted prostatitis and was no longer able to ride. After three years of not being able to pursue my favorite form of exercise, I tried your bicycle seat. I’m back in the “saddle” again. I passed your bicycle seat info on to my urologist and she promises to spread the word. Keep up the good. Thanks again.

D. Iannucci Utah


Your bicycle seat gave me the bike back again! Three years ago I was riding about 100 mile/week on my road bike: commuting and recreational.

A 50K ride with my hard, thin horned bike seat brought on persistent pain in the genitals which worsened over several months. I saw physicians, GPs, urologists, sports medicine specialists, neurologists, etc. and received a variety of diagnoses. At its worst, I was unable to sit in a chair for more than a few minutes without pain.

I had pudendal nerve entrapment and went?to Nantes, France and had decompression neuright ery with Prof. Roger Robert who specializes in treating PNE.

Without the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat I WOULD NOT be cycling again – there is no way I could sit on a normal bicycle seat, even seats with a definite split. If I had always ridden with a Spongy Wonder I would not have developed PNE. The standard bicycle seat is NOT a healthy thing.

When male cyclists experience numbness with a standard bicycle seat they just shake it off. When you experience that numbness you ARE damaging the pudendal nerve and trust me, you DO NOT want to damage.

Jeffrey, thank you! If any of your other customers want more details on PNE, please have them contact me – you have my permission to supply my email address if requested.

Tony K. Toronto

I started using a Spongy Wonder bicycle seat four years ago. Just prior to that I had almost concluded I would have to stop riding due to “wear and tear” on the wrong body parts. I had tried a split bicycle seat, and when that failed, I literally sawed the horn off the seat. Then I found your terrific Spongy Wonder and it has allowed me to ride in the countryside often two to four hours at a time, with no ill affects.

I am fifty-five years old and there are a lot of things I cannot still do, but I can ride thanks to Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. For those of you who still need a saddle horn … get a horse.

Sincerely, J. C. Reston, Virginia

I’ve had your bicycle seat for about two years and it’s great!

I tried bicycle seats with slots down the middle to end penile numbness – no difference. Then I tried yours. No problems installing it, zero pressure on the sensitive nerves and plumbing. Thank you for making available such a well-designed, well-made bicycle seat.

E. R.

Many thanks. I’ve been using your excellent bike seats for about 2 years and love them. Everyone I know wants one so you should get a few more orders from Devon UK. I’m regularly stopped in the street and asked about the bike seat.

Best regards


I’ve been using your bicycle seat for about a year now.

I wasn’t convinced at first, the muscles involved seemed different. I noticed right off that going uphill was a totally new experience for me. I wasn’t able to “cheat” by hugging the seat horn. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but it was a big deal for me, since I ride up a half-mile hill on my way home from work.

But I stuck with it and within a week I was basically back to my old climbing stride. The nice thing is it forcing a more natural and balanced motion going uphill.

On the flat, nothing compares to your bicycle seat, its so natural with no friction or grinding of bits like with a regular bicycle seat. Forty miles is nothing with this seat.

Most Respectfully yours,

Dave Portland, Oregon

Hi there,

My parents got me your bicycle seat as a birthday present some years back, and being an ex-mountain bike racer I admit to looking at it with some disdain albeit with much curiosity. Two years ago I bought an old road bike to turn it into an urban/commuting bicycle, and installed your bicycle seat. I cannot, will not, go back to the traditional style bicycle saddles again. I have never tried a more comfortable saddle, and every time a passerby asks about it I give them your site address.

Comfortably riding in Montreal,


Dear Jeffrey,

It is wonderful to be able to ride a bicycle again – in comfort! Thank you for the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat! I’m very happy to explain the benefits of the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat to anyone who cares to contact me - especially to those who live in Australia.

T. R. Strathalbyn South Australia

I now have over one hundred miles on the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat. It feels better every time I ride. It is as natural to use as any bicycle seat I have ever been on and there is no discomfort, pain, or numbness associated with typical bicycle seats. Your bicycle seat is allowing me to ride and I recommend that all cyclists use your Spongy Wonder bicycle seat.

Thanks for spending your time to help and for insisting I take the necessary time to make sure it is properly adjusted. I can now ride for hours in comfort and without creating health problems in doing so.



Hey Jeff,

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this new bicycle seat!!

I haven’t been on my bike for several years due to numbness in some “sensitive” areas. It’s absolutely amazing. There is no discomfort and no numbing sensation. Because of your Spongy Wonder bicycle seat I will be able to enjoy riding my bike again and improve my health by dropping to a normal body weight.

Thanks again.

M. Nutter Maine

I bought the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat expecting to send it back as I am quite a skeptical person by nature. Well, the “adjustment period” took about 2 days, and having had the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat in service for 5 months now, I have to say I absolutely love it!

A friend let me test ride his bike (with a standard bicycle seat) for about 20 mins and now I am COMPLETELY RUINED for any other bicycle seat but the Spongy Wonder. I didn’t realize how much the Spongy Wonder was helping me and how comfortable it was until I rode without it…yikes, those other seats are pitiful.

This bicycle seat purchase was no gamble at all, and I have no problem recommending it to anyone as it is worth every penny.

Nathan Calgary, Canada


I’d like to report that my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat not only was comfortable during my 125km training ride (in hindsight, probably not the best way to test out a new seat!) – but contributed to a very enjoyable 660km cycle tour from Toronto to Montreal!

As a past student of ergonomics, I was attracted to the elegance of the solution. Cutting away all that extra bulk makes for vastly better air circulation. Shallow grooves in other seats simply don’t cut it. The padding is great - it’s like additional suspension over bumpy surfaces, but it is firm enough to keep me in control.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone that inquires – and they do, a lot!

Regards, W. Huska

Hi Jeff,

The SW arrived and its AWESOME! I cant believe how easy it is to adjust to. My heinie is forever grateful. Thank you, thank you! You have made cycling a pleasure for me, instead of a pain in the butt!

Diane D.

Going back a couple of months, I purchased a bicycle seat for my wife. We have tried many other seats and the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat is the only seat she can ride on! We can again ride together.

Thanks again!

Al DeFelice

I have been on the SW bicycle seat for several weeks now and I really love it. It has given me a renewed interest in riding. Thanks for a great product.

J. N. Kansas City, MO


Just wanted to let you know that the Spongy Wonder is working for me giving me as much control as I had with a standard bicycle seat, but with none of the negative effects. My groin feels great. I am going in for my third needle biopsy in 12 months and have a feeling everything is going to come out fine.

Thanks for making the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat.

S. Golber

Hi Jeff,

Enjoying my Spongywonder bicycle seat! I ordered 4 from you and have had excellent results. You may recall I had vasectomy complications that would not allow me to sit with a nosed saddle. In fact the nose of normal bicyle seats were the primary cause of my problem. After 2 surgeries I’m finally back on the bike thanks to your concept.

Thanks again for saving my favorite hobby over the last 35 years!

Yours cyclingly, J. G.

Hi Jeff,

I received the two Spongy Wonders Bicycle Seats (one for myself, the other for my wife) and I couldn’t be more pleased! Give yourself a pat on the back. I’m really impressed by the level of quality in the construction. I’m riding again and I couldn’t be happier, thanks again.

Best regards,

L. Northey


I have been using my Spongy Wonder Bike Seat for over a week now and it’s without a doubt the most comfortable bicycle seat I’ve ever experienced.

After some adjustments I feel like I could ride as far as my wind and legs would hold out.

I rode to work for the first time today and after I brought the SW inside there was a lot of interest from my colleagues. I look forward to using this summer on the MS Bike Tour from Ottawa to Kemptville and back!

Thanks and take care,


Hello Jeff,

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy my spongywonder bicycle seat. I have no pain and can ride even longer. Once again that you very much happy customer

J. W. Bridgewater N.S.

Just wanted to thank you for a great bicycle seat and great service. During my first ride, I had several questions and told everyone that it was so comfortable I could hardly believe it. After the ride I was even more convinced by the results. No pain! Period! That had NEVER happened to me, after even a short, 10 mile ride.

Congratulations on a great idea.


My Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat arrived yesterday and I went on a 35 mile today with the Coastal Carolina Bike Club. What a difference this seat made….it is wonderful. No pain up front, no soreness in my butt either!

I absolutely love this thing! Everone in the bike club kept asking me how my “spongy butt” was all throughout the ride and I kept telling them GREAT.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It has changed my entire attitude about cycling. I was about to give it up totally because of the pain in “my girl” region.

Do you need any sales reps down here in the southern U.S.? I could have easily sold 3 today. I’m serious.

Thank again,

B. P. Hilton Head Island, SC


My name is Greg, I am a happy owner of a spongy wonder bicycle seat. I live here in Marin County which I am sure you know is one of the places that mountain biking was developed.

Everywhere I go people ask me about my bicycle seat and I tell them how to get one and how much I love mine. I often tell them “I could never go back to riding on a conventional bicycle seat”.

Take Care,

G. Blank California

Hi Jeff;

Bought one of your bicycle seats in September and wanted to let you know how much I love it. Now there is no problem riding as long as I want, without any discomfort at all.

Anyway thanks again,


Hi There,

I bought one of your spongywonder bicycle seats about 18 months ago after reading about it in a UK newspaper. It completely changed my life - suddenly riding a bike became total pleasure and saddle soreness was a thing of the past – congratulations for coming up with such an excellent invention!

M. T. London, England

P.S. I also got my wife pregnant recently – can’t help thinking that the spongywonder may have played a part!

I dreaded peddling around the Rockies on my traditional bicycle seat so I did a search and found yours. 1360 miles over many 9000+ foot passes, many 100 plus mile days, incredible beauty everywhere, and no pain. None, nada, zip, no pain. Thanks for a great bike seat.

T. Fleming

Dear Jeff,

I purchased your SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT in December and I just wanted to tell you that I love it. I have had Pelvic pain in the past which made it difficult to ride on a regular bicycle seat but your bike seat has put me back into a regular exercise schedule.

Thanks again Jeff.

P. Branton

Dear Spongy Wonder,

I had tried every bicycle seat in the market and nothing worked. I had stopped riding for a year until a friend told me about your bicycle seat which he saw at a bicycle exposition three years ago. Your seat has been a miracle for three years now.


J. Espinosa


Your Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is the only future for man’s reproductive system.

H. Stam Moncton, NB

Dear Jeffrey,

I love my spongy wonder bicycle seat, and hope you have seen the orders trickle in from western Massachusetts. One friend ordered hers through Valley Bikes in Amherst, another’s husband ordered her one for her birthday, a co-worker ordered one while at work and hard copies of your web page are circulating around the hospital where I work.

My ischeal tuberosities (sit bones) do feel a little tender after a long ride–but they do after siting at a desk all day too! The rest of my previously sore, aching and raw parts feel heavenly after a bike ride. I recommend greater emphasis on marketing to women.

There was a change in balance on the bike that my body had to adjust to–but no big deal for the casual rider. I was surprised when after standing to power up hills my butt sat down in the right place.

Thank you thank you thank you. The spongy wonder bicycle seat is funky looking, comfortable, inspirational to get on the bike more and a true gift to my 53 year old butt.

Yours, very truly, N. Sunflower


I received my new spongy wonder bike seat yesterday and was able to adapt to a comfortable riding position within 15 minutes. Your seat is very, very comfortable. No numbness whatsoever!

Take Care,


Dear Jeff,

Just got off my first delightful ride on my new spongy wonder bicycle seat. It was fantastic compared to conventional bike seats. No more perineum trauma and my heinie thanks you. The stainless steel material makes this a lifetime seat sure to outlive many a bike. Jeff, smart young people like you restore this old guy’s faith in our future. Thanks.

L. M. Butler, WI

I have 1000KM on my spongy wonder bike seat and will never go back. I give everyone the web address. You were right: it takes some getting used to and some minor adjustments for a few rides. Thanks for that advice, it really helped. Next week I go to Italy for a week of biking and spongy is for sure coming with me.

Dr. F. W. Calgary

I have used your bike seat for three weeks now and can only give it the highest praise. I was ready to give up biking but now can go as long as my legs will hold up! I’m delighted with how comfortable your saddle feels. What a great invention! I had my bike shop install it and also followed your advice about getting a 3″ rider handlebar. The combination is unbeatable. Thanks!

I.R. Menomonie, WI, USA

I first saw a bike seat that resembles the spongy wonder back in the early 90′s in a management video that focused on changing paradigms. The narrator was a cyclist and showed a picture of the seat he had invented. Earlier this year, on my second ride and the usual discomfort, I remembered the seat he showed and went to google looking for bicycle seats. The rest is history.

I now own a spongy wonder bike seat and am completely satisfied. I rode for 4.5 hours Sunday with absolutely no numbness etc. I never experienced any muscular problems. Now to the question: Is Jeff Dixon the same person that did the video? It would be cool if Jeff is the same guy.

Best regards, R. D. Welch


You’re providing an absolutely great product! Thanks! The afternoon the bike seat arrived, I threw it on the bike, went for a 5-mile ride, and was quite favorably impressed. Any numbness and discomfort I normally experience on an ordinary bike seat wasn’t there. It’s quite nice to alight from one’s bike with a pleasant feeling of a good ride rather than concern for any circulatory or nervous system damage you may have just incurred. It is a pleasure to finally find a high-quality, effective bicycle seat that really solves a problem many cyclists experience.

With genuine appreciation,


The SW bike seat is fantastic. I’ve been riding with the SW for about two years now and have just put some fresh cushions on the seat – it’s like new. I will never buy another bicycle seat.

It does feel less stable in cornering, that’s a fact. And when sprinting the transition back to the seat from standing up is not as sure as with a conventional saddle as the thighs are not guided by the saddle front. Likewise going downhill at speed there is less control – you cannot lock the seat between mid thigh in a semi standing up position – I imagine this will affect mtn bike interest. However, all these negatives are more than compensated for by the pros of the SW. There is still very little awareness of SW over here in Europe.

With thanks for your invention – the SW is a design classic that deserves world-wide acclaim in a world where more people should be cycling.

Best regards, Nicholas Brown

I recently bought your unique bicycle seat an feel obligued to forward my comments. It is the best $66.00 dollars I have ever spent. Simple and logical for the male anatomy. I have shown my cycling friends the product and given them your web address.

R. Norris

Mr. Dixon,

I have been using your bicycle seat for about three months of winter commuting in Alaska on roads and ski trails with highly variable surface conditions ranging from ice to groomed snow. The “Spongywonder” is working very well in all conditions. I have it mounted on a soft-tail Litespeed Ti with a Rockshox seat post. That combination along with low pressure Nokia studded tires absorbs the brunt of the jarring. Good job.

David S. Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Spongy Wonder,

Well, I can now say I have done a long term test on your bike seat. I ride aprox.4000-5000 miles throughout each year including the severe winters of the northeast. I have used this seat for 4 years and still are using the same cushions that came with it. I also have one of your seats on my indoor cycle trainer, that my wife has used for 4 years. Not one problem has occurred and this has to be the best seat on the market. I sincerely would like to thank you for coming up with this great product. Great quality, Great price and the thing will last forever (and no more numbness!!!!)

Thanks L. M. Sayre, PA

My husband and I have had our spongy wonder bicycle seats 2 weeks. We L O V E them. Neither of us have any numbness at all. We could ride on these seats as long as our legs would hold out. I’ve tried many, many seats, and this is the only one that has worked for me. I use to get numb after 5 miles. Not now. THANKS SO MUCH!

The Bredemann’s

You mentioned your wife said it was comfy and I agree with her.

I wrote the Vulvar Pain Foundation and said thank you for the letter from the lady in Oregon who mentioned it, that I ordered it, and that if anyone else needed a bike seat and hadn’t been able to ride a bike in awhile, this is their answer.

Thanks so much for coming up with the design. Women who have female problems and couldn’t ride will now be able to do so. Just wanted to say THANKS!

M. L. Kure Beach, N. C.

First off, I’d like to say thanks. This bike seat honestly ranks as one of my all-time favourite purchases. Almost every other bike seat I would use (no matter how soft) was extremely painful – especially in a bent over, aero position. I was told by most people that it wouldn’t work on long rides and warned that it wouldn’t be as stable around corners. Yet I continue to train on it for hours at a time without a complaint.

I’ll be putting it to the true test this summer as I plan to go across Canada on it. I also plan to use it in the Ironman Canada race in Penticton this summer. Cheers & thanks again for creating a much needed product!

D. Eide

Hey Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat Inventor:

I just wanted to let you know that I recently completed a 250 mile bike ride in rural Oregon as part of Cycle Oregon. Due to health problems, it would not have been possible without your bicycle seat. I showed it to lots of fellow riders and will be interested to see if you get a bunch of orders coming in from Oregon. Thanks again – you made it all possible!


Dear Jeff,

Just got off my first delightful ride on my new spongy wonder bike seat. It was fantastic compared to conventional bike seats. No more perineum trauma and my heinie thanks you. The stainless steel material makes this a lifetime bicycle seat sure to outlive many a bike. Jeff, smart young people like you restore this old guy’s faith in our future. Thanks.

Your respectful and satisfied customer, L. M.

What a product you offer. I dreaded peddling around the Rockies on my traditional bicycle seat so I did a search and found yours. 1360 miles over many 9000+ foot passes, many 100 plus mile days, incredible beauty everywhere, and no pain. None, nada, zip, no pain. Without the saddle horn the rider is able to develop several different positions that all result in full leg extension but reduce the wear on the soles of the feet.

Thanks for a great product, T.F. Banks, OR


I thought I should drop you a line. I’ve had my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat for a couple of months now, riding as frequently as possible (but not often enough). I loved the seat from the start, but really didn’t appreciate how much until I took a ride on my son’s mountain bike after completing some gear and chain repairs. By the time I was done, I felt like I had straddled a plank for an hour.

I really had no problem getting used to my Spongy Wonder even on trail riding. I was concerned originally that there would be a problem with weight transfer on the downhill, but hasn’t proved to be a problem at all. It is the most unique seat that I have ever seen, and trust me when I tell you, it gets lots of attention when I’m out in a crowd. I’ve also discovered that terms “Hardcore” and “Bomb” are a good thing.

E. R.

Dear Mr. Dixon,

I gave my wife one of your Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats this spring for her birthday. She has ridden on it all summer and claims that you are a genius and should be awarded the Nobel Prize. I just hope that you don’t look like Mel Gibson because men whose wives have had numb gens will no doubt need to be restrained in your presence. Thanks for solving one of the world’s small but painful problems.

H. G. Calgary

Bonjour Jeff,

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful hours I passed on my bike this summer without pain you know where. During the summer many people asked me what was the weird contraption I was sitting on and I explained to them what your seat was all about and how much I enjoyed the comfort. I hope you had orders from these people.

J. F. Hull, Quebec

Dear Spongy Wonder:

My wife and I just purchased 2 Spongy Wonder Bike Seats a couple of weeks ago for our Cannondale tandem. Quite frankly, I didn’t know how I was going to like it because I’ve tried other male-friendly seats without success. We’ve only ridden these 40-50 miles by now, but even with that brief experience, we both love them! Within about 100 meters of getting on the first time, my wife said that it felt like she was riding naked – and I felt exactly the same way. They’re great. We’ll tell our friends.

K. T. Granger, Indiana

Hello from the land of the Los Alamos Fire!

I received my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat a couple of days ago, mounted it up yesterday, and wanted to report back and thank you. I’ve never had a more comfortable bicycle seat in the twenty-eight-odd years I’ve been riding! Your literature warned there’d be a brief period of adjustment. Not true at all! The Spongy Wonder was astonishingly comfortable from the moment I parked my heinie on it.

Today I did some off-road stuff and a lot of hill climbing to see whether the Spongy Wonder was going to be able to be there for me where it counts. Again, I was amazed! Climbing hills, I found I stood easier to pump, and when I got wiped out the seat was right there under my pelvic bones. It felt so natural! You folks really have a winner. Great engineering!



Just a few words to let you know about riding up north on a spongy wonder bike seat. My first ride was a little odd. I didn’t have the tilt set correctly. My second ride confirmed the modification to make and the third ride was perfect. You know you got it beat when you find your self doing 12 km without even thinking about your bike seat. At six this morning going around Sugarloaf mountain I figured out that Spongy Wonder is a little like Alexander Keith’s beer. THOSE WHO BIKE IT, BIKE IT A LOT!

Happy biking,

Andre J B.

I’m afraid I’ve blown your statistics because my total adjustment period was about 10 minutes. The Spongy Wonder is such an improvement over any of my previous bicycle seats. I’m resisting the temptation to shout to other bikers “How can you stand that?!”

Continuing to ride,

RAS Santa Sruz, California

Hi Jeff, received my spongy wonder bike seat some three weeks ago, after 3-4 short rides and adjustments, I have found it to be just great, it is well made, easy to adjust, eliminates all numbness, and all around a great improvement over any bike seats that I have seen on the market.

Thanks for creating such a great item.

Dan F., Kamloops BC

Greetings Jeff, This past Monday through today I was the instructor for the IPMBA Police Cyclist Course held in Decatur, Illinois. During the police training, I found what abuse the seat would handle.

We were doing a group ride with me bringing up the rear when an elderly lady going about 30-35 hit me from the rear with her Buick. The hit shattered her windshield and my bike went flying into two other riders. One officier broke a clavical but my body armor protected me. I went and inspected my bike and found a twisted seat post but there was no damage that I could/can find on the Spongwonder other than the cushions being trashed. I was very impressed. I thought you would like to know how your product dealt with the abuse.

Your Servant, Pete Avery

Just wanted to drop you a line an let you know how I am making out on the Spongy Wonder Bicycle seat. My initial ride was 25km with some adjustments. I found the magic location and pulled of a 36km trip involving 1/3 climbing. No numbness or pain in the crotch area. My prostate thanks you. I will be sending a picture of this to my family doctor and Urologist. Unbelievable. What a great product. It looks rather Hi-tech and very cool as well.

Bob B.

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to tell you that I had ordered the Spongy Wonder bike seat for my son who has a chronic problem with a testicle and he is absolutely delighted with the seat. He can ride without any pain during or, as was often the case, after. He is doing a lot more riding these days. Get them into stores and spread the word to urologists.

J. McL.


Got my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat yesterday. Put it on and set it to the “Starting” position recommended with the enclosed instructions. I loved it from the moment I climbed on. Took the Spongy Wonder for a 5 mile ride and couldn’t be more happy. I’ve done some tweaking on it, but I do that with everything. For the record, I ride about 50 miles a week on hilly terrain (South Central Kentucky). This bicycle seat is worth every penny.

W. G.
Edmonton, KY


I first bought the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat eight years ago when it was a brand new concept. I am an avid bicyclist and have driven over 5000 kilometers on the same original set of cushions. Our family has four bikes equipped with your bicycle seat and we recommend it highly to all, man or woman. My wife really enjoys the comfort of the Spongy Wonder, so it doesn’t only work for men.


Fort McMurray, AB
(originally from the Maritimes)

Hi Jeff,

Here is some feedback on my Spongy Wonder Mk9b seat. I am a retired high school teacher who leads an extremely active lifestyle: competitive running; kayaking, hiking snowshoeing, xcntry skiing and must include my favorite activities of all… snowboarding.

I also enjoy cycling but I’ve had a lifelong struggle with prostatitis which cycling aggravates. Over the last 10 years just one ride would set off a “flare up” involving months of antibiotics and misery. I tried all kinds of seats (with a big investment in money) but finally gave up.

I thought that in this case, it was worth a try and that I could always send it back. Looking up at my unused bikes hanging in the garage made me think it was worth the effort. The day I received my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat, I installed it and brought it to my bike shop for their input. The owner felt that I did not need the risers. I’ll be blunt and tell you that at first, it was not comfortable.

The cushions dug into the backs of my hamstrings. I made 2 crucial adjustments: I tipped the seat slightly down and moved the cushions to center my “sit bones.” Perfect! I feel absolutely no pressure on the perineum and it has not aggravated my prostatitis. Much to my surprise the Spongy Wonder is the most comfortable bicycle seat I’ve ridden.

Being a hornless bicycle seat has not created problems for me in controlling the bike other than in taking a bit more care in shifting my hands around the various handlebar grip positions. Being able to bike again is like getting a part of my life back. I am indebted to you Jeff and to your bicycle seat.

It is extremely puzzling to read some of the nasty biking forum reviews about your bicycle seat. My feelings are that these riders never had a medical condition like I have and been unable to ride, or they did not spend the time to adjust the seat to their body parameters.

During yesterday’s ride my friend was complaining the whole way about butt soreness so I told him to try my seat. To make a long story short, he’s ordering a Spongy Wonder bicycle seat for his bike and I’ve ordered for one for my mt. bike.

R. F., Wading River, NY

Dear Jeff,

I have two Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats, one on an electric mountain bike that I have built and one on a motorized mountain bike on which I have driven over 5000 miles.

I have put about 2000 miles on my electric bike so far–which I peddle to work at least three times a week when I don’t need to use my truck. I live 6 miles from work and in the evenings I ride home using electricity.

I have been riding in the city on mountain bikes for over 20 years. The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats are the most comfortable seats that I have ever had on a bike. It’s a great invention and I will never use any other kind. On both of these bikes I have your seat design on shock absorbing systems– a great combination of comfort and effectiveness.

Keep up the good work!

B. B.,

Los Angeles, California

Hello Jeff,

I am pleased to say that I enjoy my SW bike saddle immensely. It is very comfortable and has eliminated the numbness and aches that often resulted from conventional products. While prostate surgery has removed any worries about ED I am sure that this would have been a great help in my earlier days.

Dan B.

Yarmouth, Mass.

It wouldn’t be possible for me to bicycle ride as much as I do without the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats. I have a slender body type with very little “posterior padding”. When I first started to commute to work by bicycle I suffered pain and numbness from pressure on the nerves. Problem solved with the Spongy Wonder.

I own two bikes, (soon a third), each with Spongy Wonder Bicycle seats. Sometime this year (2009) I am going to replace the foam cushions with the extras that were sent with the seats, so the cushions last a good amount of time, with daily use.

There are some small trade-offs when moving from a conventional seat. You will notice a little more of your weight shifted toward your hands. There is also some measure of control obtained from the nose of a conventional bike seat. During fast descents when cornering, I compensate by resting one knee against the top tube of the bike. These are minor issues.

Two years ago I took a nine hour bike ride completely pain free. What a joy, Thank You, Spongy Wonder!

Jeff Davison

I have owned my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat for four years and have put quite a few mountain miles on it. I suffered from a urological problem: urethral stricture from a prior bike accident, and was forced to have a Free-Graft Urethroplasty procedure. A highly regarded urologist told me he didn’t think it was a good idea to continue mountain biking. I was determined to find a seat that did not interfere with the urethra. The Spongy Wonder has fulfilled my need perfectly and I’m now able to ride in New Mexico every week. I highly recommend this bicycle seat to anyone that has a medical need like mine. The customer service has been impressive and Jeff takes great pride in the craftsmanship and comfort of each seat.

M Calhoun
New Mexico


Before I found the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats I was about to give up bike touring. That was four to five years ago. It is the best bike seat! There is never any chafing. I have one for my summer bike, one for my winter bike with spiked tires, and one for my bike I keep in California. I often ride on it two to four hours at a time with no discomfort. I love it!

Jeff Clark

I actually took my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat with me to Southeast Asia, where I bought a cheap bike and cycled from Bangkok to Saigon. I gave the bike away at the end but kept my Spongy Wonder.

Pam Carson

Dear Spongy Wonder Man,

I have been very pleased with the bike seat – it is the most comfortable I have ever had and I must have tried at least a dozen different ones over the years. I’ve been using the Spongy for more than 5 years now. I still have the original foam cushions and I still ride every day about 10 – 20 km.

Jean Chretien

Dear Spongy Wonder,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that my quest to relieve cycling-induced male numbness is finally at an end. Your bicycle seat is the first I’ve come across that completely eliminates my symptoms.

I had tried: Specialized Milano, Terry Liberator Y, Easy Seat, Derri Air and countless gel/wide/cushioned “comfort” saddles. While all were finely crafted products, none of them were able to prevent numbness.

I also sought help from several local bike shops. All informed me that I wasn’t “dialed-in” correctly yet none were able to eliminate my symptoms.

I am 6′ 4″ tall and weigh 230 lbs. The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat easily accommodates my sit bone .

I will be purchasing another Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat this summer and have recommended your product to my brother (who also suffers from male numbness).


Chris C.
Wheaton, Illinois

We have been using the spongy wonder bicycle seat for many years, and have had some friends order them. I took mine with me to Cuba and to the UK. We started using them when I was in my early seventies and we still use them every day when the weather allows. I am now in the early eighties. The spongy wonder bicycle seat solves the numbing pain of regular saddles!

J and M. B.

Your Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle has been working out great for long distance road/trail rides and most off-road riding on my Raleigh M-80. The spongy wonder bike saddle is much more comfortable than a typical bike saddle. I still prefer using a typical bike saddle on very technical off-road biking because I can’t get behind the spongy wonder as easy as I can the typical seat, but that is only about 10% of my riding.

Hope you are doing well in these times,

Jeff Burton

Dear Jeff,

I LOVE my Spongy Wonder bike saddle!! I first heard about it on a vulvodynia/vestibulitis discussion forum on line from another user who loved hers as well. I can only tell you that your bike saddle saved me. I was in search of a saddle that reduced vulvar pressure, which many promised to do. Your Spongy Wonder bike saddle enlightened me that I was not really looking for reduced pressure, but rather no pressure. I just ride and I’m happy because I don’t have to squirm or re-adjust my body to find comfort. Personally, I think everybody should use the it whatever their situation. Thank you for thinking outside the box!

F.D. in Florida

Hi Jeff,

In the beginning of 2007 I had a serious urological problem: testicular cancer. One month after the operation I was on the bike again. Last year the other testicle was starting to hurt and after a lot of tests they found nothing, but the pain was still there. I was biking about 200-300Km a week on the road and in the mountains. Suddenly I had to stop and that was very hard for me. Then I found Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle, but I was very sceptical (because of the name!). But after some starting problems (bum soreness and balance) on the seat, the biking fun came back. Now I don’t laugh at the name! I think it’s a real wonder.

I’m working as a sports physiotherapist and when I hear people having the same problem I recommend the Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle to them.

Thanks a lot Jeff, the fun is back!

E De B., Wichtrach, Switzerland


I have your bike saddle. Thanks. It is magic!!!!!!! People laugh and some say it is the strangest thing they have ever seen for a bike saddle!!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!! No more discomfort on the bike and no side effects. Fantastic!


Genevieve. S.

I have been delighted with my Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle.. I ride about 50 km back and forth from work every day all year round. I have been highly recommending it to colleagues and family. In fact I bought it for my sons.


At age 59 my Spongy Wonder saddle is by far the most important upgrade on my bike. Since age 40 I have had a urological issue: reoccurring prostatitis symptoms. Since installing the seat 3 years ago I have not returned to the Doctor for treatment. The comfort on long and short rides is always welcomed. Also, I have been continually impressed with the quality and workmanship.

Larry Dennis

The Spongy Wonder bike saddle has been a great success. I have it on my original Giant Lafree electric bike. I use to get a lot of pain in the base of my spine from longer bike rides and it has solved the problem. We have been to France with the bikes on cycling holidays and we cycle a lot here in Scotland. I also think the Spongy Wonder bike saddle acts as a deterrent for anyone thinking of stealing the bike as most folk can’t believe that it is comfy.

Vari Dafters (Scotland)

Six years ago my doctor had banned biking for me. Thanks to the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle, I’ve been able to continue to enjoy cycling every day, with an average of 30km/day in summer since then. I haven’t had to even discuss cycling with my doctor since.

I looked at a number of alternative saddles at the time and Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle was the only one which seemed to be built for the sport rider and not for someone looking to stick a pillow on a post. I needed a sport saddle to keep up with my hard riding style – and I wanted a saddle with a bit of style.

When I first started riding a Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle, I wasn’t sure about it. I had been able to ride no hands for kilometres without thinking about it. It took me two weeks to get used to the seat and four months to be able to ride no hands safely again, but the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle eventually becomes like an extension of your own body.
Now I wouldn’t ride anywhere without one.

When I do have to ride a normal bicycle saddle (taking a girlfriend’s bike to the repair shop), I miss riding the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle immediately and it’s clear to me I wouldn’t be cycling for long without it. I currently own three Spongy Wonder bicycle saddles, one on each of my bikes.

In the last two years, Jeff has continued to improve the saddle, making it stronger and giving it even better cushions (the old ones had a glossy surface that was slippery with some clothing).

Alec Kinnear

I will never bike on a conventional bicycle saddle again. Four years on a Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle without seat fatigue is unbeatable. I appreciated the thoughtful, personal help I got when installing the saddle, and once I got the angle set, I never had to adjust it again.

Although the surface skin of the foam wore off a bit at the edges, the foam cushion itself is every bit as cushioning and resilient as when new.
The original purchase came with replacement foam cushions, but why use them yet when a little duct tape will do the trick? I’m not ashamed. I expect many more years of good use and comfort.

Sincerely, Renee

We have been really happy with the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddles. We wanted to get some exercise and thought cycling would be the right choice for us. But my wife could not even think about riding on a normal bicycle saddle without it making her shake with the thoughts of previous painful experiences. We tried the usual gel options, but it was only marginally better than a standard saddle.

That’s when I decided to do some research and learned about the Spongy Wonder. Perfect, she can now ride her bike and I also ordered and fitted one to my bike and a friends wife’s bike that was experiencing similar problems. It’s also a great topic of conversation wherever we go. Whether on the bike carriers, on top of the car, or if we are out riding.

Phil Brown


My Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle has been great. I love it. It is making riding my bike so much more enjoyable. It is comfortable and very easy to get used to. Even my friends who have tried it really liked it a lot.

Thank you so much for inventing it.

Y. Djurin

Dear Jeff,

I have tried many kinds and makes of bicycle saddles, and yours is positively the best! Your Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle has the most simplicity, comfort, and durability. I wonder if the cushions should be a bit larger, though, for more surface area. Anyway, thanks for providing a great product!


Dan Fattibene

I am extremely satisfied with my bicycle saddle and with the service of your company. You even called a follow-up call to see if I had received it OK. At first it seemed a little hard but I soon became used to it.

I bought your bicycle saddle originally because I had just had a urological issue: prostate surgery, and wasn’t looking forward to sitting on a sore spot. The Spongy Wonder got me back on my bike probably 3 or 4 weeks earlier than I expected. I’m still using it 3 years later.

Thanks for a great idea.

Rich Cavers

Dear Jeff,

I love my spongy wonder bicycle saddle! I can now ride as long as I want without pain. I couldn’t do without it. Thank you!

Judy D’Afflitti

Dear Mr. Dixon,

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle is indeed a wonder. I recommend it to all touring cyclists. In June of 2008 I rode 1700 km through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. It remained many hours each day on the saddle and I did not have any type of annoyances.

All touring cyclists should know the “long-haul” benefits of this extraordinary bicycle saddle. Once again I want to thank you because without the Spongy Wonder I could not cycle due to the problems I had with prostate cancer.

Warmest Greetings From Spain,

Paschal Vázquez Gomez

I came to the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle out of necessity. It was either ride with a noseless saddle or don’t ride. Luckily, the Spongy Wonder is very comfortable, and now that I have my adjustments correct, I don’t really notice a difference in riding ability.

At my age (34), I shouldn’t have prostate problems, but I do. Now, I have a bicycle saddle that still allows me to ride. However, the more I have learned about prostate issues, I realize that the exception to seat design should be saddles with a nose, even if people don’t have problems. Much like smoking, riding with a conventional seat will yield problems down the road. Trust me, you don’t want to learn about prostatitis, pudendal nerve problems (often called “Cyclist’s Syndrome”), or anything else urologically related. Be proactive and buy this saddle.


Bob Newell

To All Potential SW customers – Everything you read in the testimonials is true. Like many others, I developed tailbone pain while riding last year. And I thought “bummer”, I won’t be able to ride anymore unless I wanted to be one with the pain – no thank you! I surfed the web and found the SW bicycle saddle solution. It is simple in design and well-made. The cushions are firm enough to support you but I didn’t feel soreness of my “sit bones” It took a couple of rides around the neighborhood to tweak the position. Now, I barely notice I’m sitting on them. Like others who have written in, I show off my seat and explain the benefits of using it. Now, if I can get Jeff to design an office chair for me!

K. O.
Rapid City, South Dakota

I bought my Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle after seeing it on another bike in my area (luckily it had a web address on it so I could actually find it online). I thought it looked really strange, but I just got so sick of how uncomfortable regular bike saddles were that I decided to go for it. Big cushy seats, ones with a ditch down the center of them, all of them were uncomfortable (I never even tried ones with shocks on the seat posts, those just looked retarded).

It took me about two weeks to get used to it, but after that I was golden. I only recently increased the angle of the seat which made it even more comfortable. I can’t bike without my hands on the pedals since the wider seat makes it hard to balance, but I don’t miss that much at all.

I love my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle so much I actually got a friend to get one and possibly even a few strangers. He just got it in the mail yesterday so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m sure he’ll love it.

Anyways, I’ve had it for a year, love it, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is sick of doing damage to their groins.

John Heylin

I have no idea when it was that I googled something like “specialty bicycle seats” and found your website, but it must have been at least 5 years ago. I read a number of the testimonial letters and noted that I was not the only person with medical issues whose doctor advised them to never ride a bicycle again.

I will be 80 years old in November and I continue to ride fairly often. We’ve been on two week-long bike tours in Europe, one in S. Dakota and many shorter rides here in California. In fact, we rode about 60 miles on the fabulous American River Trail from Sacramento to Folsom last week. Of course I always take my Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle with me and fit it easily to rental bikes on the various tours.

Best Regards,

James Hill

I went through 3 seats before finding the Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle. I was able to up my mileage without the unbearable discomfort that came with a traditional saddle, and completed the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride two years in a row. No way could I have done it without this seat!

Cheryl Lyne

I am very happy with my Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle. My sister-in-law and I go on three and four day bike ride/vacations and usually cover between 25 and 40 miles a day. When I am at home, my rides are usually 40+ miles. What I love about the Spongy Wonder is that I don’t have to wear padded shorts! I ride for hours on end without chafing or soreness from pressure. The seat took about 6 – 8 rides to break in. After that it was perfectly molded and absolutely comfortable. If the rest of the bicycling world knew about these bicycle saddles everyone would have one!


Cindy Hannas

Hello Mr. Dixon,

I have been enthusiastically using your bicycle saddle for the last year and have been more than satisfied with it in virtually all respects. Thank you so much for your excellent product. I am planning on doing a triathlon this summer and cannot bring myself to go back to a standard bike saddle.


I have been riding my bike with the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle for more two years. Now I can’t use it any longer because my wife tried it once, and she never gave it back to me. This its only shortcoming: you will soon have to buy other ones for the rest of the family.

I find it perfect. In particular, my back hurts much less. I feel that the seat removes the weight from your back and distributes any shock from bumps across the whole body. Thus, riding becomes much more enjoyable. Once you try it for first 10 minutes, you’ll never go back.


Luca L. Bonatti


I returned to riding after a several year break and bought the Spongy Wonder when I simply couldn’t get comfortable on a traditional bicycle saddle (I tried several good quality ones in my search). I’m a 17 stone rider and the Spongy Wonder has revolutionised my bike comfort. Not only is numbness in the undercarriage a thing of the past, but the Spongy Wonder does away with the need for padded shorts, keeping you cooler on longer rides. The saddle took a little while to get used to as it felt as if I was being pushed slightly forwards by the seat cushions and riding no-handed is more challenging but possible with practice! Lastly, I have been particularly impressed with its build quality and after much use it still looks brand new. For anyone struggling to get comfortable on a traditional ‘horned’ bicycle saddle, I would recommend the Spongy Wonder without hesitation.

Anthony Holden


With the Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle I won the overall single division of the Swamp Fox in Charleston SC. At SOAR in Highland NC 2008, I won age group over 50. Several of my friends have purchased. It did everything you said it would. It is the only saddle I will ever ride with again.

Thank you

Gary Jackson

Hi Jeff,

I put about 600 km on my bike since I upgraded it with your Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle, and happily report I love it. Before the Spongy Wonder bike seat I had one of the seats with the hole in the middle; in addition to that, the seat was well padded. That seat was OK for shorter rides, but on longer ones I could feel the discomfort between the legs. With your seat, I can spend a couple of hours on the bike with no problems. It took my butt about one month to get used to the seat, and since then it’s been a smooth ride, so to speak. I am involved in natural healing stuff, and thus I double-appreciate the availability of your seat – the benefits it has for the body. I wish all bikers would make the switch.

Michael Kraml,


I like the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle because it makes riding long distances comfortable. I replaced the springy wide seat that came with my bike. I bought the electric bike to commute to work which is an 8 mile trip one way. After a half an hour with the old seat, I couldn’t bear to sit any more. I recently rode another person’s bike while I was away from home and after a short trip on that big springy seat, I also became sore.

Granted, the bike seat does look like a torture device, and it certainly turns people’s heads, but it makes riding my bike a pleasure.
I originally bought the seat to protect the blood vessels and nerves in my perineum and it certainly does that.

B. T.
Ann Arbor, MI

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle and have ridden many miles on it with no soreness or numbness. Every fall my sister and I ride a 70 mile round trip on mountain bikes from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back. Aside from enjoying the scenery and the wildlife I also get a kick out of all the looks and questions I get about my bike saddle. I tell everyone that asks that I never have a sore bottom and that it is to date the most comfortable bike saddle I have sat on. Hopefully these testimonials have helped with your business.

Mary Kay Streitz

Hi from Spain! I have been using spongy wonder bicycle saddle the last 18 months. After testing 3 different bike saddles , this is the best, without doubt. Old pain problems from a normal saddle have gone. The Spongy Wonder is not one more saddle – IT IS THE SADDLE.

Sincerely, Alfonso

Dear Jeff,
I haven’t the faintest idea how to send you a picture of a radiant, pain-free me on my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most earnestly for making it all possible.

Love and smiles,

Hey Jeff,

You’ve got great customer service ayyyy!! You answered my email really fast and then when I had you on the phone you did a great Job!! When I write my testimony for the bike seat which I’m sure will be a favourable one, I’ll tell everybody what great customer service you have. You truly have the best customer service I’ve experienced anywhere! And I usually don’t write a company to let them know about stuff like this but your company impressed me so much , I just had to write a thank you note.

Thanks Again,

David Douglas

Hey Jeff,

It’s my second SW – and I still love it. It has been about 10 years since I bought my first one, and I still get curious questions. I tell them “it’s great – go get one yourself and start enjoying your rides”.


M. Z., Montreal, QC

Just wanted to say “thank you very much for the bicycle saddle.” In my estimation, this unique saddle is one of the greatest technical innovations in cycling history. Essentially, I am able to effectively ride again without compromising my health – I am at just about 400 kilometers, and I began riding in the second week of May. Last year I rode only 64 kilometers.

I have no numbness, no ED…

The magnitude of this innovation is that I am getting fit and healthy again. Cycling used to be a huge, huge part of my life, and I was prepared to leave it for good. Now I am completely inspired and have never felt better. Words really cannot describe how good I feel.

I don’t really have a problem with balance on this bike saddle either. I can take corners super fast, and I can ride with no hands now.

You had mentioned that I should get mountain bike handlebars. I didn’t – I kept my standard racing bars on my road racing machine, and we did some adjustments to my position in the bike shop. I have had no problems sliding forward and I have had no problems with excessive pressure on my hands or stiff shoulders. It’s all working better than I thought it would.

Dan Posa

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your follow-up phone calls. I called you about a month ago regarding replacement cushions for my Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle. After more than six years of riding the Spongy Wonder, I’ve managed to wear out both sets that came when I purchased it.

At the age of 45, I was having a problem with an enlarged prostate which was causing some pain, especially when riding my bike. My doctor advised me that I had a prostate gland the size of a much older man. At the time, I was riding about 1,000 k per month.

Fortunately, I heard a CBC radio interview with you talking about the Spongy Wonder bike saddle and it sounded like it was just what I was looking for. I followed up on your website and ordered one of your saddles.

Initially, I found the SW quite uncomfortable and I had to make a number of adjustments to my bicycle including the seat post height, the height and stem length of the handle bars as well as adjustments to the seat itself. Honestly, I was almost ready to give up on the Spongy Wonder, but then, after about a month, I got it! I could ride my bike on long trips and still be comfortable. I think along with the adjustments to my bike, I also had to develop different muscles in the back of my legs in order to ride in the proper and comfortable position.

I’m now 51 and ride about 500 k per month. My Doctor says that I have a normal-sized prostate gland for my age and I never have any pain. The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle has allowed me to keep riding.

I get quite a few people asking me about my Spongy Wonder and I am happy to give them the good news. I’m sort of surprised I haven’t seen more around Vancouver.



I still LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my Spongy Wonder Bike Seat. I can ride for as long as I want now with no discomfort. Thank you for your miracle seat!!!!!!!!

Carol Riddle

I’m delighted with my Spongy Wonder bicycle seat. It didn’t take long at all to get used to it, and is MUCH more comfortable than the conventional bicycle seat on my other bike. I will probably buy another one sometime soon.”

Drey Samuelson

I have enjoyed many trouble free miles/hours on the bike seat since installing the Spongy Wonder a few years ago. The seat is well made of quality materials and I’ve had no problems. I still have the original foam cushions and haven’t yet needed to install the replacements included with the order. Lots of other riders are intrigued by the seat, and I always refer them to the site. Thanks for producing a quality product that performs as advertised.

Brian Rezin

Hello Jeff,

I’m very pleased with my Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle. I had quit riding because the other bike saddles hurt me, and the doctor said in the long term it could harm the prostate, and cause other damages. So, when I saw your site on the web, I realized that it was the best solution, and a very creative one: better than soft materials, only a material that isn’t there at all! Now I’m back with one of my favourite weekend activity, which is riding along to the city’s park, and from there to the beach right below, and from there to the beautiful sidewalk along Porto’s sideshore. The first couple of days I used it I noticed a little bit less stability riding, because it has a smaller area holding the body, but after I got used to it I don’t even realize it’s different from other bicycle saddles until someone points out to it. Congratulations for your idea, and thank you.



Hi Jeff,

The bike seat is working really great for me! I use my bicycle for commuting to work and running errands. Several people have asked me about it when I’ve been parking at stores. I always tell them why I like it and where to get it. I also wrote to my urologist and thanked him again for suggesting it.

Thanks again for the seat!


As a road bike racer I researched the noseless bicycle saddles extensively over the web. I selected the SW based on its comparatively (small) size and other racer testimonials – thinking it was the most likely to accommodate an aerodynamic road racing position. At first I rode with increased weight on my hands and was slipping off the saddle. (mine: the new foam solves this issue) After a month my pedaling action changed to where I was supporting more weight with my feet rather than my hands. The unintended benefits of this change in pedaling is greater power, greater efficiency, less stress on the low back, all from a more circular, more “connected” pedaling technique. And the SW certainly lived up to the intended benefit of eliminating pressure on the perineum. But it is these unintended benefits that I have found most interesting and unexpected. I would recommend this bicycle saddle to anyone who is looking for a training tool to improving their pedaling technique – even if reducing perineum pressure is a non-factor.

Tom. P.

I had surgery 4 years ago and had to stop cycling due to nerve pain above tailbone and in upper buttocks. The spongy bike seat allows me to ride now, because all the weight is move to buttocks cushion area where it should be. There’s probably a reason we don’t sit on small object: because it hurts. The spongy wonder evens the weight distribution, brilliant. It does take a little while to get new toughness in the contact points.

Casey in Kansas

I truly love my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle. It has proved to be durable, comfortable and has the added benefit of exercising more muscles than a conventional bicycle saddle. I have recommended it to several friends in my neighbourhood and they have been equally satisfied. The only thing better than its ability to remove pressure in unwanted areas is its ability to start up a conversation.

J. H.
Brooklyn, NY

I purchased a Trek Hybrid bicycle a little over two years ago, shortly after acquiring the bike I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately it was discovered early and could be treated. However, the radiation and seed implant treatments I had made it very uncomfortable to ride my bike on a traditional bike seat. I consulted the bike shop I purchased the bike from and they gave me several options, one of which was the web site that led me to the Spongy Wonder Bike Seat. Honestly, it took a while for me to get comfortable on the seat. However, after several trial and error adjustments it became comfortable. I have worn out the first set of seat cushions and am now on my second set. I can ride with minimal if any discomfort to my prostate region. I would truly recommend your bike seat to anyone that has issues with prostate pain or discomfort associated with a conventional bike seat. Be patient, it may take some time to get comfortable on the seat, but it has worked for me.

Ronnie Marchant

Hi Jeff:

I am very happy with my spongy wonder bike seat. Last summer I put over 4,000 km on my bike. This included three mountain bike marathons. The first two were ~38 km with 1200 m of climbing and the last was 60 km with 1800 m of climbing. The last one took me 4h25m to complete and about the only part of me that wasn’t sore was my rear!

Last month, I had a rather bad crash. My helmet cracked, my seat post was damaged, I spent the night in hospital, but the seat is good as new.

The picture below is me, in the blue jersey, during the 2008 “bike the bugles” mountain bike marathon near Krumbach, Austria.

Chuck McDermott
A Canadian living in Vienna, Austria

I’d really like to send a picture and the one I’d like to send is me being able to relieve myself, but that probably wouldn’t be web-appropriate even though your bike seat made a HUGE difference to that aspect of my life! Maybe a subtle staged shot in front of a rest room?

I am a believer! I commute every day on the seat and could not manage without it.


The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle has been my cycling solution to the problem of prostatitis. Without it I was going no-where. Thanks to you guys my 5 year old daughter gets a lot of fun from our tag-along!! Keep up the innovation.

Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m very happy with the Spongy Wonder bike seat, which I’ve been using exclusively for a couple of years now. It only took a week or so to get used to the new riding position, and I’d not willingly go back to a conventional bicycle saddle. I like the design so much that I now have two: a heavy duty one on my road bike, and a standard model on my Brompton folder.

Both have the velour covers – I’d really like some waterproof ones if you’re ever thinking of producing a new range. Can I also say that it would also be much more convenient if you had a distributor here in the UK?

Andrew Margolis

Hi Jeff,

We can both that the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle was a Godsend when we discovered it in April 06. Jim had just had prostate surgery and was wondering how he was going to manage our Provence bicycle trip. You got the Spongy to us just before we left and Jim never had any problems the whole ten days of cycling. It is again going to accompany us to Europe this June when we spend a week riding in the Netherlands. Jim has found it easy to transport and easy to attach to other bikes.

We both wish you success with your product.

Pat & Jim Johnston

After a minor operation I was left in lot of pain as the nerves in my pelvic area had become hypersensitive. I was unable to sit down for long periods and became very depressed because, amongst other things, I was unable to cycle, something I had always enjoyed. By completely removing any pressure my Spongy Wonder bike seat enabled me to cycle again, which I thought I would never be able to do. I get a lot of strange comments from members of the public about my bike seat, but I tell them with pride that my seat is very comfortable and far superior to a ‘normal’ bicycle saddle. I recommend the Spongy Wonder to anyone, male or female, who has pelvic pain and longs to rediscover the joy and freedom of cycling.

Sarah, London, UK

Dear Jeff,

My husband and I have been using the spongy wonder bicycle saddles for more than three years now and I simply will not ride on anything else. My butt used to go numb within 10 minutes on a regular bicycle seat. I am happy to report that this has become an non issue. We have given out your website so many times that I am surprised that you haven’t retired on a tropical island somewhere! Thanks for making one of my favourite pastimes that much more enjoyable.

Cathy Ireland

Here a word to share concerning your Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle. I bought my first SW and was completely satisfied. I recently received the second saddle for my second bicycle. I had no difficulty to adapt. It is perfect, more no pain. I use my bicycles everyday.
I strongly recommend this saddle.

Didier – Belgium

I ride my bike 4 seasons and under all conditions, mainly in the city. I once had a similar type of seat, in a cheaper version from another company. When it got stolen, I chose to replace it with the Spongy Wonder because I felt that the material would take the winter better. It did very well.

When my bike was stolen again, that was the first thing I knew I would re-buy. Now, even if I rent a different type of bike, I’ll change the seat to put my own Spongy Wonder bike seat. There’s no way I’ll endure the old style s bike eat, no matter how sophisticated they say it is.

Benoît Lemire

Dear Jeff,

The Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle has made more difference to my recreational enjoyment that just about anything. For about a year after I developed my prostate condition I was always depressed on nice days since I was not able to ride without bad pain. One day I searched “bicycle seat prostate” and your product came up. Now I can go on rides again, with no prostate pain. Truly, I can’t thank you enough for your product. (I’m actually planning on ordering a spare.) It must be a great feeling to develop a product which can make such an enormous difference in people’s lives. Did I say that I can’t thank you enough?


Barry S.
Cherry Hill, NJ

I love my Spongy Wonder bike seat. Without it, there is no way I could possibly ride. When people see the seat they ask me about it, and I even allow them to try it out, if they want to. It’s a great invention.

N. W., Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

Hi Jeff

We have just returned from a 5 week trip to France with our RV and bikes. I had it in mind to write and thank you for your bicycle saddle, and when I opened up my mail there was your request for a testimonial! What a coincidence.

Without my Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddle I would be unable to cycle as I have vulvodynia. My thanks to you for a wonderful product and also for your prompt and speedy service in the first place.

Barbara Wheeler

Just wanted to let you know that I am still using the Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle – can’t remember how many years now, but it gets positive comments from other cyclists and I send them your way. Glad to see you are growing and getting better every year!

B. F.
South Surrey, BC

I bicycled a lot as a young man, but now at 60, just started bicycling long distances. A couple months later, at my annual physical, my PSA was up to 6.6 – normal is less than 4. In the past, it had always been between 1 and 2. My doctor asked if I had been doing anything unusual and I said bicycling. He said stop bicycling for a month – if your PSA goes down, fine – it was due to the bicycling. If your PSA stays up, you’ll need a biopsy. Other exercise? “No problem.”

I didn’t stop bicycling – I kept riding… On the last weekend before my repeat test, I rode 62 miles on Saturday, and 25 miles on Sunday on the Spongy Wonder. My repeat PSA on Monday was back down to normal – 1.4.

David Sokal

I am a 50+ year old road racer/time trialer who has tried out many bicycle saddles (over 30+ years of cycling) with no success. My typical symptom – besides discomfort/pain – was numbness that resulted after about 30 minutes in the saddle (especially while time trialing or riding rollers indoors).

I received my first Spongy Wonder Bike saddle in February of 2007. There was some time required to adjust it properly and to become acquainted with a different feel. However, this is BY FAR the best bike saddle on which I have ever ridden. The symptoms of numbness are gone. It is very comfortable, even during long rides. I have continued road racing and time trialing and find that the Spongy Wonder works wonderfully. The foam cushions are more durable that I anticipated. I still have the original cushions in place.

Since my initial purchase, I have obtained two more Spongy Wonder Bike Saddles for other bikes I ride regularly.

The unique appearance of the Spongy Wonder draws regular comments from other riders and I do not hesitate to offer my enthusiastic recommendations.

Thanks for designing and building a great product. I wish you success in your business.

Markus Naegeli


I have had my spongy wonder bike saddle 2 summers now I think. It is great, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When I first got it, it was really different and took some time as it changed my whole position on my bike. There was a lot of adjustments made until I got comfortable with my seat. So for anyone purchasing a new one I would say to them “be patient. ” It is like riding on air no discomfort at all.

K. W.
Bridgewater, N.S


Dear Jeff,

I am really glad that I stumbled across the Spongy Wonder bicycle saddle as I had been noticing a numbness after cycling. Since I’ve installed it on the bike there have been no problems whatsoever. The saddle takes a couple weeks to get used to, but after that, no problem. I certainly wouldn’t do without it and can’t imagine reverting back to the old conventional bicycle saddle. Not only that, but it looks kind of cool too and it gets people talking. Virtually everyone I meet when I’m on the bike comments on the saddle and I have to explain how it’s there to protect things, which it does. No more numbness.

I’ve managed to convince a friend of mine to buy one too, which is funny as we cycle together at the weekends. Like me, he won’t go back to a conventional saddle either.

I really like my Spongy Wonder saddle and if I can, I’ll convince more people to buy one.



Dear Spongy Wonder,

After commuting on the bike for almost ten years I had started having some trouble urinating. The doctor found an enlarged prostate but determined it was not cancerous. He did not know the cause, and neither of us thought to suspect commuting by bicycle. I did not recognize the long-term bruising until a vacation had me off the bike for a couple of weeks. When I got back on the bike to commute to work after the break, the cause of the problem was painfully obvious, the old bike seat hurt! I tried some wider and more padded conventional seats with limited success.

Finally, I got the spongy-wonder bike seat and the problems (both the discomfort and with slowed urination) vanished. I’ve been commuting on the spongy-wonder for more than two years now and am really impressed with it.

Matthew McG.


I have had a couple of Spongy Wonder Bicycle Saddles for 4 years. They are excellent and sturdy. I recommend them to men with prostate conditions as it virtually eliminates any pressure on that part of the body.

Yours truly,

Steve K.



I Ordered the MK7 beginning of July. It has worked. For the first time in 12 yrs I am enjoying cycling again. No more coccyx problems – totally pain free. I adjusted to the bike seat on my first short ride and now it feels perfectly normal. I am so happy to be biking again. Thanks for the design.

One Very Happy Customer,

Angela Stanway


Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat!! I had been told that I would have to stop biking due to a painful vulvar condition. My husband and I had taken up regular biking quite a few years ago and was not very happy with the possibility of having to stop something we enjoy doing so much together!! I heard about your bicycle seat on the National Vulvodynia Association website and it sounded promising so I ordered one.

I have to tell you I will never go back to any regular type bicycle seat after having the pleasure of no pressure with yours! Well done and I thank you!!!


One happy biker back in the saddle in Beautiful B.C



Strange name, but great bicycle seat! I’ve been using it since the day after it arrived and it has made all the difference. Now I only have to stop because I’m too tired or out of time.


Steve Leeke



Great product. It is the first time in months that I have ridden mike bike with pleasure. My tail bone does not bother me anymore. Love it!

Victor A. Mayer (Mexico City)


When I took my Spongy Wonder out of the box I thought to myself “H-m-m, that doesn’t look very substantial” but I went ahead and put it on my bike and rode to work. It was the most comfortable bicycle seat I’ve used to date! It’s texture doesn’t let me slide like I did on another hornless bicycle seat.. I put suspension seat posts on all my bikes to make the ride more comfortable, but I have not been able to locate one for this particular bike. I don’t think I’m going to need one with the Spongy Wonder however, it’s that comfortable. I am thinking about switching all of my bike seats! Thanks again.

Donna T.

Dallas Texas


I bought this bicycle seat last year and it’s the BOMB! I ride my bike everyday and now I don’t get my junk crushed after long rides. Literally this seat has changed my cycling life. It’s pretty cool that when you order the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat you can actually talk to this guy in the video… Not like some huge company that doesn’t care what happens when you buy their stuff.

Thank you Jeff!


Toronto, Ontario


Hello Jeff!

I send you a picture of my wife during the interview by the roumanian television when we arrived in september at Constanta. We started the trip at the atlantic ocean and we arrived at the black sea after 4200 kms and 42 days. Really we could not do this trip without your bicycle seat.

I recommend the Spongy Wonder to someone everyday! Camping at night, the first thing people speak about is the problem of the seat. I was angry because all the pretty women take picture of my Spongy Seat and not of me!

If you want a dealer of your bicycle seat in europe I will be your man. If you have some interest and I can fly to Canada.

Thanks again for your seat!

B. Ricour



I am very very happy of my saddle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Pierre Ferrand


Hi Jeff,

Your bike seat is on each and every one of my bikes. I sure am glad you invented the Spongy Wonder. It's the only way I can keep riding, as I can't do a standard saddle anymore. My daughter rides one on her mountain bike too.

Have a good week,
Barb Schaab

Hi Jeff

Just received the newest spongy wonder bicycle seat today. I've been a customer for over 10 years and you continue to make the product better and better, which I didn't think was possible. Thank you for making such a great high quality bicycle seat that allows me to bike with no discomfort.

Also, thanks for all the travel tips for my upcoming trip to NB, NS, and PEI.

Best wishes and continued success.

K. M.
Huntsville Alabama

Hi Jeff!

I have to write to tell you how happy - and actually, totally thrilled - I am with the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat that I bought this spring!

For the previous year, I had been in constant pelvic pain, unable to enjoy most of life, much less ride my bike. My awesome physiotherapist told me that another of her patients had had a similar problem and had discovered the `spongy wonder`... and was riding her bike again! I was so excited... and for good reason. I have not only been riding my mountain bike everywhere, regularly, but since I got my new MK9 seat, my pain has almost disappeared.

My husband and I also love to ride our bikes during the winter-time at our house in Nicaragua, (couldn`t do it last year.... :((( ..... so now I am going to order another Spongy Wonder bike seat to take to leave at the beach house! It`s a very small price to pay for a life-changing object.

Your invention saved my sanity and maybe my life (certainly improved my quality of life!).

I recommend it highly... THANK YOU, JEFF!!

Lisa P.
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Jeff !!!

I am very happy with the saddle. The saddle is really comfortable and healthy. Supports only the essentials, Ischia. Very good.

In my case, I had to replace the original nut Brompton, due to the diameter of the structure of the saddle. But no problems.

The best bicycle saddle on the best folding bike! I like it!

Thank you very much, greetings.


Hey Jeff!

My bike is a 2008 Rocky Mountain CXR cycle-cross bike.

I was very curious to try the spongy wonder out as my posterior end of my body was not happy riding. I have to admitt on the first day I received it in the mail and put it on my bike I wanted to throw it out immediately. However after making adjustments to my bike I was able to enjoy the seat and in turn enjoy riding again.

Once setup it took about 2 days to let go of old habits.I used to race mountain bikes and the most common thing that pops into anyone's mind is how do you handle the bike without a nose on the seat? The answer is just fine. Turns out you get most of your control by pressing your butt back against the seat and in more extreme circumstances your inner legs end up pressing against the top tube of the frame. If you are road riding or doing simple light trials you won't notice the lack of nose. Just form your new habit so that when you start from a stand still that you get your butt up and back to perch on the seat. No more lingering nose slides.

In the end of it all the seat turned out a great purchase and I ride everyday everywhere in all weather and conditions with no discomfort. The seat is solidly made and takes being left out in rain, wind, hail, frost etc perfectly. No rust or soggy seats. The cushion does not soak up any water. I was pleased to note that with all the riding and abuse the seat did mellow slightly which made it more comfortable. When it first arrived it was a touch firm for my taste. But now it is just right.


We are very happy with Spongy Wonder Bike Seats. My wife rode 90 km on three days making the round of Ré island, last month. This is the first time she as been able to ride in 25 years!

B. Bonnaud, France


I've been using a Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle or a few years now. Some years before that I developed a sensitive nerve in the perineal region and could only ride recumbents. It took me about three months to get fully used to the Spongy Wonder, but it is basically the only saddle I can use on a conventional bike, so it was well worth it. If you ever decide to retire, let me know so I can buy a lifetime's supply. Not that that would be many. They do seem to last.

Anyway, this is my Boardman cyclo-cross bike, with the Spongy Wonder added the same day I bought it. I am parked in front of the beach huts in Littlehampton.

Keep up the good work,

Chris C. London, England


I got my first spongy wonder bike saddle after a prostate cancer operation. I was a dedicated commuter and couldn't imagine going back to commuting on the bus every day. But anyone who's had any surgery on their bum will agree that you just can't imagine riding on a racing seat ever again. Yikes.

The doctor encouraged me to try to find a way to keep riding, as it was good for my physical recovery and mental wellbeing, and that perhaps I could find a different type of seat. It didn't take me long to find these, and honestly, the made the difference between riding and not riding.

That was more than two years ago now, and while I'm fully healed and could probably go back to normal seat - why would I? These are so comfortable, they're staying on forever. I've often been stopped by other riders who are wondering about the seats, so I keep the labels on them so I can show the web address.

Bill (Melbourne, Australia)


I just wanted to say your spongy wonder bicycle seat is amazing. For years I have been trying to find the perfect seat so that I can ride again with my fistula but all the other seats always irritated it so bad I could hardly sit down. For the first time in years I am spinning everyday and loving it.


Nathan Williams

Hey Jeff

I ordered your seat last spring and put it on a Sun Drifter cruiser. I love it. No pain anywhere and I can ride all day long. I just today ordered the cover for the bike seat. You have a fab product and I recommend it to all riders.

K. M. - Meridian Idaho

Even more happy thoughts from SW Bicycle Seat Riders

Seeing injuries from bicycle seats fairly often in my internal medicine practice, I was happy to discover the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I immediately bought one for my own bicycle, and was quite gratified to see how comfortable it was, while still able to maintain good control of my bike. I've had mine for a year now, and have yet to put on the replacement cushions! If you're a rider, old or young, male or female, you need one of these bicycle seats.

Dr. Philip Alexander, MD
College Station TX

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is great and the best of the noseless, perineal sparing Bicycle seats that I've tried. I'm going to the site to order another one for my other upright bike.

Seth Manoach MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
CPR Committee/Rapid Response Program
Brooklyn, NY

I lecture nationally on patients with pain and want to show a picture of your bicycle seat in my lectures. Please give me permission.

Hope K. Haefner, M.D.
Director, The University of Michigan Center for Vulvar Diseases
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in  underwater testing

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in underwater testing

Spongy Wonder Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's only modular hornless bike seats. These two ergonomically and anatomically correct noseless bike seats eliminate the urological and neurological damage caused by conventional and "modified" conventional bike seats and are "fully customizable" and adjustable.